Special Services Offered

  1. Any Type Of Over-Spray Removal
  2. Fully Insured & Certified
  3. 3 Step buff job (buff and wax) any paint
  4. Overspray Removal: SAP; (mainly for...) Paint Contractors; Deck Sealer Roof Contractors WILL TRAVEL FOR CONTRACTORS; 100% SUCCESS RATE

Services Offered

  1. Complete Automobile Detailing
  2. Engine Detailing
  3. Hand Wash
  4. Motorcycle Detailing
  5. Wet Sand and Buff
  6. Taillight and Headlight Restoration
  7. "Tape" Pinstriping
  8. Spoiler Mounting
  9. Convertible Top -Vinyl- Cleaning
  10. Aluminum Wheel Polishing
  11. Window Tinting Commercial, Residential and Automobile